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Run, Charlie, Run

Marabana Marathon Havana, November 15, 2015 It is dark outside, 5:30am. Wishful thinking that I could simply sleep in and let the Havana marathon wait another year. I have, after, all been signed in various times over the years and never quite made it. Unfortunately, I have a pick-up arranged and the phone wakes me from my [read full story]

Havana and the smell of its foods
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

There is a popular saying in Havana that there is a chef under every rock. In other words, there is an army of cooks at work preparing delicacies for families and friends. This is a city where food appears around every corner and both locals and visitors easily fall prey to the sin of gluttony. [read full story]

Havana’s Quinta Avenida
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

Visitors to Havana are often stunned by the wide, palm-tree lined Quinta Avenida, or Fifth Avenue, after emerging from the narrow, winding streets of Old Havana. Coming out of the tunnel that connects Fifth Avenue with Calzada Street in Vedado, it feels like you have entered a completely different city. If the straight and level [read full story]

Havana Dressed in Green
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

I have always preferred and admired cities that protect and encourage their “green assets,” or in other words, their botanical diversity. The quality of our lives would not be the same without it. Call them forests, gardens, farms or parks, those areas are important for the metabolism of societies that respect their citizens and contribute [read full story]

El Malecón: Havana’s Outdoor Lounge
by Victoria Alcalá

Construction of the first stretch of the Malecón began on May 6 1901, with beautiful lampposts placed along the sea wall. However, the battering of huge waves during the following Cuban winter caused the original design to be replaced by another, this time with no attachments to the wall. The works were finally completed in 1959. The [read full story]

November 16, 1519: Havana’s birth
by Victoria Alcalá

Havana, November 15, hundreds of people wait at the door of the former Palace of the Captains General, today Museum of the City, for a curious procession to begin. The motley crowd is composed of smiling youths and solemn elderly people, couples with their children and grandparents with their grandchildren, lovers and lonely hearts. Many are [read full story]

How many Havanas make up Havana?
by Victoria Alcalá

Over the years, Havana has been a changing capital. Of course it first started out as what we today call La Habana Vieja, Old Havana, with its imposing forts and government buildings, lordly mansions, churches and squares. But in the nineteenth century that quarter began to mix up all sorts of functions and became more [read full story]