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So happy America and Cuba are friends again.

Authentic Cuba hosts legal travel to Cuba. We invite you to witness Cuba’s natural beauty and the genuine warmth of its people. Come explore Cuba’s pivotal history, ancient architecture, and captivating culture. Revel in Cuba’s ubiquitous pulsating music.

Cuba is considered the safest most welcoming country in the Americas. Authentic Cuba offers premium Cuba trips at affordable prices because every American deserves to vacation in enchanting Cuba. When traveling to Cuba with Authentic Cuba, we ensure comfort and economy. We also assist with flights to Cuba. Visit Cuba now before the island changes forever.

Our trips to Cuba from Virginia are easy, economical and fun

Weekend in Havana trip

Four magical days and three sensual nights in the Cuban capital known as the “Paris of the Americas.” A special getaway to relish music, dance, art and culture at an unbeatable price …

  • Four days from $1597 $1397

Old Havana and the sea tour

Stay on the white sand beaches and warm waters of magical Varadero while on a legal people-to-people tour. Witness Havana’s authentic culture, food and rousing nightlife …

  • Seven days from $2299 $1999

Western Cuba culture trip

Visit UNESCO world heritage sites in Havana, Trinidad and Cienfuegos on this social and natural history expedition. Learn all about Cuban culture, and enjoy music, dance, arts …

  • Eight days from $2700 $2399

Cuba introduction tour

Incredible offer A week of learning, fun and friendship. Explore culture, architecture and history. You’ll get to know Cuba hand-in-hand with locals eager to engage …

  • Eight days from $2569 $1799

Tour of the Revolution

Travel the path of the Cuban Revolution from Fidel Castro’s birthplace in eastern Cuba to the capital of Havana where strongman Fulgencio Batista was toppled and fled the island …

  • Eight days from $3899

Arts, culture and culinary trip

A unique experience of Cuban culture, history, art, and food, led by renowned writer, historian and raconteur Robert S. McElvaine. More details here …

  • Eight days from $3297

Cuba discovery tour

From Old Havana to the mystical tobacco valley. Best private restaurants. Tour Havana in 1950s American cars. Experience rum, cigars in the land of Hemingway. Get to know Cuban …

  • Eight days from $4215 $3815

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