SCuban boys play volleyball with a coconut.
Photo Ana Lorena

Local Cuban hosts, unparalleled Cuban adventures

Magical Cuba, an island like no other

Black Lives Matter in Cuba.

Freedom from COVID-19 and the return of travel to Cuba

Authentic Cuba is relaunching public Cuba tours beginning December 2020. We are arranging private group guests for trips commencing in December 2020 and afterward. Cuba is defeating COVID-19 and becoming one of the world’s most healthy, safe, and fun destinations.

We make your Cuba dreams come true

Authentic Cuba hosts legal travel to Cuba for Americans, and leisure and recreational trips for world voyagers. We invite you to witness Cuba’s natural beauty and the genuine warmth of its people. Come explore Cuba’s pivotal history, ancient architecture, and captivating culture. Revel in Cuba’s ubiquitous pulsating music and dance.

Most healthy, safe, and welcoming country in the Americas

Authentic Cuba offers premium Cuba trips at affordable prices because everyone deserves to experience enchanting Cuba. When visiting the island with Authentic Cuba, we ensure comfort, economy, and enlightenment.

Visit Cuba now before the island changes forever

Authentic Cuba’s team is based in Havana. We are certified local hosts providing world travelers real Cuban encounters. Our operations and arrangement partner is Cuba Explorer, whose island expertise dates to 1997.

Three easy, affordable, and fun ways to visit Cuba now

  • Private Cuba travel for couples, family, friends, and organizations
  • Custom Cuba study tours for high schools, colleges, and universities
  • Small public Cuba tours for outgoing adventurers featured on this page